"Sunshine Sisters Amoy": I really want to meet you again, sisters must see! ! !

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Do you still remember the sister who was crazy with you back then? Many people and many things will be forgotten in the end, but there are always a few people, a few things, or even a sentence or two that you will never forget in your life. This may be the youth that we can all never forget.

The movie 'Sunshine Sister Tao' starred by Yin Tao, starring Zeng Li, Zhang Xinyi, Ma Su, Ni Hongjie, Jiang Xiaohan, Wang Yueting, Zhou Jieqiong, Liang Songqing, Wang Qing, Yang Han, Xia Meng, Zhao Ming, starring Li Zixuan and Pan Binlong Special appearance. This is a warm youth film that focuses on friendship and growth. The seven sunshine sisters in high school reunited after many years. They found that their lives were unsatisfactory when they reached middle age. Duan's green years have also awakened the dusty sisterhood and former dreams. The film opens nationwide today.

《阳光姐妹淘》:好想和你再相聚,姐妹 必看!!!

In contrast to the past and present, what has changed is the demeanor and appearance of the characters, and what has remained the same is the intimacy between sisters. In fact, in the second half of 2020, there will be a variety show of the same name 'Sunshine Sisters Amoy' launched by Jiangsu Satellite TV and broadcast exclusively on Youku platform. Compared with other reality shows, this variety show is more of a warm and warm picture. It takes the 'sister Tao' relationship as the starting point to truly record the sweet moments shared by female stars and girlfriends. Showing the warm and beautiful friendship of contemporary women, fashionable and distinctive attitude towards life, and the positive emotional values of mutual understanding and healing among friends, it also helps people who lost the 'first half of the year' due to the epidemic to find the joy of long-lost reunion, and guides the audience. Regain the friendship and the good yearning for life.

And now its latest season is also looking forward to it. The first episode will be broadcast on June 3, and everyone can happily follow variety shows in the future. The lineup of guest stars in the second season is shockingly large and luxurious, not only the sister who rides the wind and waves , The most fashionable face in Asia, the goddess of frozen age, the queen of music, and fashion bloggers with tens of millions of fans, exotic beauties, fashion hot moms, and other charming goddesses to join the variety show grass group.

《阳光姐妹淘》:好想和你再相聚,姐妹 必看!!!


Calais Zhongke new VD-8 mobile desktop professional sound card + CM200 large-diaphragm microphone live sound card set has also officially joined the reality show of 'Sunshine Sisters Amoy 2'. A combination of these two products, the VD-8 mobile desktop sound card has 8 kinds of atmospheric sound effects, which can be switched at any time; 12 kinds of electronic tones meet the different personalities of most people. Noise processor, very suitable for live broadcast, active atmosphere. The CM-200 professional large-diaphragm microphone is lightweight and mini, very portable, not only convenient to carry around when going out. And the appearance design of the lollipop shape is also full marks in terms of appearance.

《阳光姐妹淘》:好想和你再相聚,姐妹 必看!!!

《阳光姐妹淘》:好想和你再相聚,姐妹 必看!!!

 If you want to know more about female star girlfriends, and focus on the new sharing of good things in star life, please lock in Jiangsu Satellite TV's 'Sunshine Sisters Amoy 2' which will be broadcast at 17:20 on June 3rd.

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