What equipment do I need for live streaming? Teach you to choose live broadcast equipment

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Many people will ask: 'What equipment do I need for live broadcast?' In short, live broadcast probably requires three essentials: microphone, sound card, and monitoring headphones. Depending on the live broadcast scene, some equipment will be different. This article analyzes what kind of live broadcast equipment should be used in different scenarios based on five scenarios.

1. Computer K song live broadcast

This type of live broadcast does not need to be connected to a mobile phone, and only requires a computer to achieve live broadcast. Desktop computers and computer motherboards have vacant PCI slots, you can use the built-in sound card. Both notebook and desktop computers can use an external sound card, which can be connected through a USB interface.


The advantage of the built-in sound card is that the PCI or PCI-E interface is used for power supply, so in terms of transmission, the built-in sound card may be more professional.

The external sound card can effectively prevent electromagnetic interference, which is not available in the built-in sound card, so its sound quality will also be better. Compared with the built-in sound card, it will be more convenient, and it can be accessed through the USB interface.

2. Mobile K song live broadcast

Mobile K song live broadcast equipment can be divided into those that can be used without a computer and those that need to be used together with a computer. If you want to live broadcast without a computer, you need to choose those sound cards that can be directly connected to the mobile phone. If the sound card purchased is a computer sound card, you can buy a mobile phone live converter, so that the mobile phone can also use the computer sound card to broadcast live.

If you want to use it away from the computer, first consider choosing a sound card that can be directly connected to the mobile phone.


Sometimes you will encounter the device you want but it does not support the use of mobile live broadcast. You only need to use a mobile live broadcast converter to achieve mobile live broadcast. The disadvantage of this type of equipment is that it cannot be separated from the computer.

3. Game live broadcast

Game live broadcasts are not as demanding as K song live broadcasts. In this case, you can only need some microphones with built-in sound cards and monitoring headphones. For example, for live broadcast of mobile games, most of the anchors do not show their faces, but those who broadcast computer games live You need to buy a camera so that you can interact better. However, the game live broadcast has relatively high requirements on the hardware of computers and mobile phones, and it needs a computer and mobile phone with high configuration to bring it up.


4. Outdoor live broadcast

Often walking on the street, you will see some street performers singing, and at the same time, they will also broadcast live on the mobile phone simultaneously. Now the street performers are more and more keeping up with the trend. Outdoor bands buy equipment on demand based on the strengths of everyone in the band. If you just sing on the street, you must first purchase a microphone and a speaker. There are many people on the street and the voices are mixed. How can you let others hear your voice without using a speaker. Other equipment has higher requirements and can be added appropriately, such as sound cards and mixers.

The equipment for personal outdoor live broadcast can be simpler, just one microphone and speaker. It is better to buy two brackets, one for placing mobile phones and tablets, and the other for placing microphones. Of course, if you are not playing and singing, you don’t need to. .


If you want to be more professional, the number of people is not limited to one person for outdoor live broadcast. For detailed equipment, you can refer to the equipment of Lianyin Club. Microphones, mobile phone sound cards, mixers, speakers and keyboards are all ready.

5. E-commerce live broadcast

E-commerce live broadcast can also be roughly divided into two categories. One is the live broadcast in a quiet indoor environment. It is the same as the computer and mobile live broadcast conditions. It can be selected according to the two modules of the computer and the mobile phone live broadcast equipment. The second is in outdoor environments, such as streets, shopping malls and other places with high traffic, you can purchase according to the equipment of the outdoor live broadcast module.


Many e-commerce experts will use multiple live broadcast platforms at the same time during live broadcast. In this case, a sound card with multiple interfaces can be used. The converter can synchronize as many live broadcast platforms as needed, and then add more, so that multiple platforms can be realized. live streaming.

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