The difference between you and the popular anchor is this artifact

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Affected by the epidemic, the online live broadcast industry has developed rapidly, and the number of live broadcast users and anchors has increased significantly. Many consumer users are no longer waiting and watching, but choose to join the industry and want to create more possibilities.

The continuous influx of newcomers caught the anchors who were originally developing in this industry by surprise, and the competition became more and more fierce. In order to get a piece of the cake in the industry, attract more fans and increase income, anchors not only need to be able to speak well As well as unique talents, it also needs the help of professional live broadcast equipment to make himself a 'super-flow body' in the live broadcast industry.

The difference between you and the popular anchor is this artifact

If there is an 'artifact' on the market that can make you a big anchor, it must be the Calais VD8 live sound card. This sound card represents the highest level of computer sound cards and is very popular in the live broadcast industry. Their live broadcast is a weapon for increasing fans.

Multi-scene application challenges unlimited possibilities

01 Live K song

Computer and mobile phones are universal, rich sound effects, live broadcast, K song, and even microphone are more comfortable. The VD8 live sound card has a built-in digital audio processing chip, has 8 custom special effects modes, and has 12 electronic keynotes such as C, F, D, D, and E, etc., to meet the needs of electronic music songs, and to sing electronic sounds more stable and accurate. And the electronic sound function button and the sound effect button are independently separated, which is simple and clear.

The difference between you and the popular anchor is this artifact

02 Live broadcast with goods

Comes with a mobile phone interface, no need for a converter to connect to a mobile phone, supports two people to broadcast live at the same time, and enables the delivery mode anytime, anywhere. The live broadcast with goods needs to display various products and guide the audience to consume. Too complicated equipment and cables can easily affect the overall live broadcast screen.

The difference between you and the popular anchor is this artifact

Therefore, the simple operation requirements of the sound card equipment are relatively high for live broadcast with goods.Calais VD8 live sound card is a computer sound card with a 3.5mm mobile phone interface and an OTG digital interface, which can realize the synchronous live broadcast of the computer and the mobile phone, which greatly simplifies the live broadcast. Equipment, so that live broadcast delivery is more worry-free.

03 Anchor PK

Powerful core, lower latency, giving you a smoother streamer experience, game PK kills your opponents in seconds. When many similar sound cards are used by the anchor, they often encounter problems such as dropped calls, sound freezes, and instability. The OTG digital transmission function of the VD8 live sound card and the 3.5mm plug will provide better sound quality, achieve high-definition lossless recording, and support charging while live streaming. Make your live broadcast and Lianmai PK more stable. The anchors can broadcast as long as they want, so you can use it as you like.

The difference between you and the popular anchor is this artifact

04 Professional recording

Professional recording level, with better vocal and singing sound processing; VD8 live sound card has very good sound quality, very high sound reproduction, low latency and high resolution enough for recording, very suitable for recording studio or home creation recording.

The difference between you and the popular anchor is this artifact

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