What microphone do Douyin Kuaishou V anchors use? Calais Brand Large Diaphragm Wheat Grass

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Large-diaphragm microphones - In real life, many people often refer to microphones with a diameter greater than or equal to 3/4 inch as a large-diaphragm microphone. Generally speaking, mics with larger diaphragms produce louder sound, which is exactly what engineers like to record more distinctive sounds (such as vocals).

In addition, large-diaphragm microphones are more sensitive to audio signals than small-diaphragm and medium-diaphragm microphones because of their relatively larger contact area with audio signals. It is not unreasonable to think that large-diaphragm microphones can capture more low-frequency signals than small-diaphragm microphones, because some well-designed and able to provide high intelligibility over a wider frequency range Compared with the small-diaphragm microphone with better sound effect, the large-diaphragm microphone is more inclined to strengthen a certain characteristic in the audio signal, so that the sound effect has a more obvious bass characteristic.

What microphone do Douyin Kuaishou V anchors use? Calais  Brand Large Diaphragm Wheat Grass

At present, there are many very high-quality large-diaphragm microphones on the market, such as Calais Zhongke's CM200 and VTM12, which are large-diaphragm recording microphones.

The large-diaphragm microphone is used for live broadcast. When recording male voices, the high-frequency recording is natural and highly restored. In the later stage, there is a greater possibility to carry out proofreading and approval for the musical style and reverberation of the timbre. In the female voice recording, the VTM12 has clear and natural sound, which can reduce the work of post-editing. It is very suitable for singers. The sound is smooth and not harsh. On the whole, it is a very good friend who likes live singing. You may wish to consider it.

What microphone do Douyin Kuaishou V anchors use? Calais  Brand Large Diaphragm Wheat Grass

Medium-diaphragm microphones - The definition of medium-diaphragm microphones is a controversial category in the market, because historically there are only large-diaphragm microphones and small-diaphragm microphones. Currently, the upper and lower limits of their diaphragm diameters, No clear conclusion has been formed. However, the vast majority of professionals and manufacturers believe that microphones with a diaphragm diameter between 5/8 inches and 3/4 inches are medium-diaphragm microphones. Generally speaking, medium-diaphragm microphones are good at capturing instantaneous signals and high-frequency signals, and their sound effects are relatively round and full, with the warm texture of a large-diaphragm microphone.

Small-diaphragm microphones - At present, there is no final standard for the diaphragm size of small-diaphragm microphones, but most professionals and manufacturers believe that as long as the diaphragm diameter is less than 5/8 inches, the microphones are small. Diaphragm microphone. In terms of sound effects, small-diaphragm microphones, like medium-diaphragm microphones, are better at capturing high-frequency and instantaneous signals, but their sound contains more air. Compared with large-diaphragm and medium-diaphragm microphones, the polishing function is also Not as good as the first two, the small diaphragm is suitable for relatively thin sound rays, which is more suitable for novice players.

What microphone do Douyin Kuaishou V anchors use? Calais  Brand Large Diaphragm Wheat Grass

Calais Zhongke mainly produces sound cards, microphones, headphones, speakers, microphone preamps and other products. With technological innovation and high-quality products, it has achieved outstanding achievements in China. In the future, we look forward to more and better products from Calais Zhongke!

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