Lossless radio, live broadcast more "sound": Jialai Zhongke AK8PRO live sound card & CA200 microphon

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The rise of short videos has allowed more people to share their lives through the Internet. Over time, live broadcasts and short videos have also become a new media and new industry terms. The live broadcast platform has also brought many people from ordinary to the public's field of vision. In addition to professional camera shooting, video recording is also an important link behind all this. Therefore, the high-quality videos we see on short video platforms are all It is done with professional-grade sound card and microphone.

Lossless radio, live broadcast more

Many people sometimes use wireless microphones to pick up sound, but wireless Bluetooth transmission will inevitably lead to loss of sound quality, and some microphones have weak battery life and often run out of power. Recently, this new set of Calais AK8PRO digital live sound card & CA200 handheld electromagnetic microphone set has won the hearts of the people.

Lossless radio, live broadcast more

From the appearance point of view, the design of the CA200 microphone is still good. The pure black color scheme and matte texture look full of business style. Coupled with the embellishment of the brand logo, it is fashionable, eye-catching and high-end, and it is very lightweight. Parts are surrounded by a metal grille. This CA200 handheld electromagnetic microphone adopts cardioid pickup, the vocals are transparent and clear, the noise is low, there is no whistling, and the sound sounds more realistic, without the sense of deliberate sound modification.

Lossless radio, live broadcast more

The front of the AK8PRO digital live sound card is the main operation area. There are two interaction modes: knob and button. There are detailed icons near the knob and button, which are very easy to identify. The interfaces on the back are also very rich, so I won't describe them one by one here. In addition, this sound card also supports 48V phantom power supply, which can just meet the power supply requirements of CA200, a professional microphone. It can also be used as a recording device to collect sound and has a wide range of uses.

Lossless radio, live broadcast more

This sound card has a built-in lithium battery with a capacity of 3000mAh, which can be used for 6 hours without the power supply. It supports more scenes. The power indicator in the upper right corner can observe the power level in real time, so as to avoid the sudden loss of power during the live broadcast. electricity, charging in time.

Of course, in a variety of live broadcast scenarios, the practicability of the AK8PRO digital live broadcast sound card is fully brought into play, with multiple input and output interfaces, dual-channel live broadcast, free broadcast control adjustment, a variety of sound effects, and support for custom settings. Render the live broadcast atmosphere, one-click switching function. According to the comprehensive performance, this live broadcast package is especially suitable for users who have high demand for audio recording.

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