Calais Zhongke KM10 wireless microphone preamp, wired to wireless, get rid of the shackles

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In the days when it was still a landline, the telephone we used to communicate had a long line, and we didn't know where it was going or where it came from. Later, the development and popularization of smart phones gradually abandoned the shackles of cables and could be used on the move.

Although wireless makes us more convenient and flexible, wireless sometimes has certain drawbacks. Take microphones as an example. Even though there are many wireless microphones on the market today, wired microphones are usually chosen for professional recording. That's because the wired microphone transmits the analog signal directly through the line, the sound quality is more stable and smooth, and the audio retention is more complete.


When wireless microphones transmit signals, they will face the problem of signal loss. However, among the new products released by Jialai Zhongke in mid-June this year, there is a KM10 wireless microphone preamp, which solves the problem of signal loss of wireless microphones very well, and is the same as wired microphones in terms of anti-interference and safety. It can turn wired microphones into wireless in seconds, which is more flexible to use, especially suitable for use in stage performances.


In fact, the KM10 wireless microphone preamp can be used immediately as long as the transmitter and receiver are inserted into the microphone and the sound card respectively, and the pairing is completed. Coupled with its mini and lightweight shape, it will not be used like a wired microphone at all. Wired bondage. In addition, it is fully charged and can last for up to 6 hours, plug and play, allowing you to fully enjoy karaoke anytime, anywhere.

The anti-interference performance of the KM10 wireless microphone preamp is not generally strong. It adopts digital wireless transmission and UHF high-performance amplifier circuit design to ensure high-speed and stable sound transmission. For strict recording, this microphone preamp is also suitable. The high-definition sound quality brought by the wired microphone also ensures the smooth transmission of sound, outputs high-fidelity, clear and natural human voice, and brings sound quality comparable to that of wired microphones.


This wireless microphone preamp is suitable for drum set performance, outdoor performance, conference speech, live broadcast, home entertainment, stage singing, and uses UHF smart wireless microphone technology to effectively reduce noise and anti-interference. Pure and clean sound quality.


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