What is the charm of Calais Zhongke Group, which is favored by millions of Internet celebrities?

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Net red, a group derived from social networking, when people talk about the word net red, they usually add a suffix that can better show its meaning, that is economy, the net red economy is in full swing, But don't underestimate their appeal and influence in the crowd.

In the past one or two years, with the promising development of the Internet celebrity endorsement industry, almost all of them have a strong interest in the term 'brand endorsed by Internet celebrities'. It is also the embodiment of brand innovation.


As a major brand of audio and video equipment at home and abroad, Calais Zhongke's PA80 portable live broadcast speaker has a classic black and white style design and excellent brand strength, which has attracted two major Internet celebrities among the millions of Kuaishou fans. They are: original singers Dahuan and Xiaojiujiu Nanfang girls each have more than two million fan traffic on the Kuaishou platform, and each video they publish attracts an average of nearly 20w likes. The video content is very popular among platform fans. Let everyone see more positive energy and the daily life of Internet celebrities. As the Calais Zhongke PA80 portable live speaker that they strongly recommend, these live broadcast data show their trust in Calais Zhongke.


Calais Zhongke is an audio and video equipment brand that is at the forefront of innovation. In this era of the Internet celebrity economy, Calais Zhongke Group will also gather these cohesive fan groups, and finally make them loyal to Calais. Zhongke brand consumers.

Calais  Zhongke's most favorite characteristics of Internet celebrities are: talent, positive energy, and individuality, so that they can use the characteristics of the Internet to spread quickly and spread on a large scale, so that more people who don't know Calais Zhongke know about it. This brand is a reassurance for loyal fans who are familiar with the Calais Zhongke brand.

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