Calais Zhongke AK-8 digital live sound card + CA300 condenser microphone

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If you want to live K song live, the equipment is difficult to choose

The sound of the k song is not ideal, and the effect of the live broadcast room is poor

Choose Calais Zhongke AK-8 digital live sound card set

Open a new experience of live broadcast/K song

加来众科AK-8数字直播声卡 + CA300电容麦克风,两大硬核产品强势合体

Calais Zhongke AK-8 digital live sound card set

Powerful, high-quality sound, monitoring in place

A variety of beautiful sound effects to easily play in the live room

Gold-plated large-diaphragm sound head is delicately picked up, reaching people's hearts

Real-time enrichment of the ears, mastering all sounds

加来众科AK-8数字直播声卡 + CA300电容麦克风,两大硬核产品强势合体

This package is tailor-made for live K-songs

A strong combination of two hard-core products

AK-8 digital live professional sound card + CA300 condenser microphone

加来众科AK-8数字直播声卡 + CA300电容麦克风,两大硬核产品强势合体

AK-8 digital live professional sound card is suitable for mobile phones, tablets and computers

Adopt multi-interface design

Compatible with various condenser microphones and dynamic microphones

Make it suitable for more live broadcast types and scenarios

Dual mobile phone live broadcast, computer multi-platform simultaneous live broadcast, network K song, etc.

Built-in DSP chip

A variety of beautiful sound effects such as reverb, voice change, delay, etc.

Applause, laughter, crows and other interesting sound effects

Easy to switch

It can better create a live broadcast atmosphere and increase the fun of live broadcast

Intelligent noise reduction

Automatically shields microphones from ambient noise pickup

Can be charged while using

Make the overall performance of this sound card even better

加来众科AK-8数字直播声卡 + CA300电容麦克风,两大硬核产品强势合体

Professional condenser microphone CA300

The appearance is small and exquisite, and the metal material is rich in texture

34mm gold-plated capsule

Superior sound pressure processing can record, lower noise floor

Let the CA300 have a broad frequency response

Delicate pickup, real and natural sound

Make it particularly effective in live streaming K songs on the web

In addition, CA300 is also suitable for many occasions

Such as: professional recording, personal recording, musical instrument recording, etc.

加来众科AK-8数字直播声卡 + CA300电容麦克风,两大硬核产品强势合体

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