Calais Zhongke AK-8 digital live sound card, a popular K song live broadcast artifact

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Nowadays, in the era of national live broadcast, more and more people are involved in the live broadcast industry. We often find that there will be a 'small box' next to the anchor's microphone. Don't underestimate this box, it is the anchor's wonderful voice. artifact. Regardless of your original voice? As long as you have it, it will be like magic, Duang~ will be transformed into a song god and queen.

What I recommend to you today is just such a live broadcast artifact - Calais Zhongke AK-8 digital live sound card, which is suitable for the anchors who often K-song in live broadcasts. The brand history of Calais Zhongke can be traced back more than ten years ago. The audio development process, and the AK-8 digital live sound card is a new studio-level professional equipment launched in the second half of 2020.


In appearance, the length, width and height of the AK-8 digital live sound card are only 150*175*57mm. It is also very convenient to carry during outdoor live broadcast. The texture of the whole body is black and more noble and stable. At the same time, the surface has a matte finish, which has a good texture and makes people love it.

A major feature of this sound card is that it has LED special effects lights, which are very cool. Of course, in addition to decoration, there is a more important role to remind the anchor of the current state of use. The LED light shows green, which means the sound card is currently in use. In this way, even if the anchor has no lights at night, he can grasp the operation of the sound card. state.

The AK-8 digital live sound card is equipped with a combination of buttons and knobs on the operation panel, which are classified for different functions, allowing the anchor to easily grasp the effect of each sound quality detail.


In terms of internal structure, the AK-8 digital live sound card is also very particular. It adopts an upgraded DSP chip for professional sound pickup and noise reduction; it can also effectively remove footsteps, human voices and other noises, whether it is in a noisy outdoor environment, Still in the crowd of loud voices, your voice is always the main theme.

In the live broadcast, it can also help the anchor to create an atmosphere, with various voice-changing effects such as cheers, laughter, attention, kisses, crows, laughter, etc., to mobilize the emotions of the audience at any time. Not only that, we can also customize the sound effects we want, is it full of exclusiveness?


The AK-8 digital live sound card currently adopts the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which can be connected to mobile phones wirelessly. It has the advantages of low function and long transmission distance, avoiding delay and stuttering, and making the sound clear and smooth.

During the usual live broadcast, the anchors are often worried that their sound status is not good, but they cannot find the adjustments in time. Calais Zhongke has solved this problem. The AK-8 digital live sound card is equipped with a real-time monitoring ear return function. It will return in real time through the headset, and you can clearly hear your own voice when singing, which is convenient for the anchor to adjust the pitch in time.



Generally speaking, Calais Zhongke AK-8 digital live sound card, as a professional sound card equipment, is positioned for K song live broadcast, with powerful functions and excellent sound quality. It is also compatible with 99% of live broadcast platforms on the market. As a partner, it is indeed a good choice! ! !


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