AK-8 digital live broadcast professional sound card makes live broadcast more brilliant

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Nowadays, with the rapid development of webcasting technology, users' demand for live broadcast content experience has increased, and the presentation of high-quality and rich content can attract their attention. This also prompts webcasting to have higher requirements for live broadcast hardware. In 2020 In December, Calais Zhongke launched the first professional digital live sound card AK-8. It has the characteristics of small size, rich functions, convenient operation and excellent sound effects. One can meet your various live broadcast needs.


Calais Zhongke AK-8 digital live broadcast professional sound card has a fashionable and simple design, smooth texture, solid and durable, AK-8 digital live broadcast professional sound card machine size is 150x175x57mm (length x width x height), weight is 825g, volume Small and compact, it can be easily carried anywhere, and can achieve high-quality live broadcast and K song experience anytime, anywhere.

Calais Zhongke AK-8 digital live professional sound card is equipped with a wealth of function buttons on the front of the body, including sound effect control and volume adjustment. Each button is easy to operate and easy to use.

The AK-8 is equipped with 6 kinds of field control sound effects, including 'Momada', 'Laughter', 'Applause', 'Crow', etc., allowing you to conduct interesting live broadcast interactions at any time, making the live broadcast room more active, Meet the sound effects needs of different users and create your own unique sound effects. In addition, the AK-8 can also adjust the volume of background sounds and vocals, making the interaction between anchors and fans more natural and smooth.


Calais Zhongke AK-8 digital live professional sound card is equipped with a microphone input, live mobile phone interface, and headphone interface on the side, which can monitor the sound effect and adjust the live broadcast rhythm at any time; the microphone input supports 48V condenser microphone. In addition, the AK-8 also supports Bluetooth accompaniment input, which solves the trouble of 'wire', and can achieve high-speed wireless audio transmission with one key.


AK-8 supports 48KHz/24bit lossless audio signal transmission, with low distortion and high signal-to-noise ratio, it can achieve high-quality digital stereo live broadcast/K song effect, and the experience is more outstanding; at the same time, its OTG digital stereo live broadcast can Realize the smooth experience of charging while live broadcast, effectively avoid the embarrassing situation of 'insufficient power' during long-term live broadcast, and continue the live broadcast in real time.



Calais Zhongke AK-8 digital live professional sound card has exquisite design, light and portable, which truly solves the limitations of traditional PC sound cards. The rich sound effect control and atmospheric sound effects match the OTG digital stereo output, with excellent sound effects and intuitive and easy operation. Get started, so that you can sing karaoke, shout Mai or interact with fans, etc., more handy, Calais Zhongke AK-8 digital live professional sound card is designed for live broadcast, creating a high-quality live broadcast experience.

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