DM300 dynamic microphone is exquisite, compact and beautiful, and the "good voice partner" of talent

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Calais Zhongke DM300 dynamic microphone is exquisite, compact and beautiful, and the 'good voice partner' of talent anchors

Under the special circumstances of this year

Live streaming has become extremely popular

A big wave of men, women and children

Celebrities or passers-by have started live broadcasts to bring goods

Since it's going live

You have to have a minimum set of equipment



The works of well-known Kuaishou anchor Cheng Ke have always attracted much attention

Calais DM300 dynamic microphone he uses

Also welcomed by a large number of fans

A moment of panic buying




Calais DM300 Dynamic Microphone

It is a high-end microphone for professional karaoke and live broadcast made by Calais Zhongke.

Suitable for recording instruments, vocals and live performances




The heart-shaped radio direction makes the overall sound effect smooth and natural, without losing the original sound; one-key low-cut, removes the ultra-low-end sound and noise, making the sound cleaner and crisper; with an all-metal protective mesh, it is beautiful and durable, with built-in sound insulation Cotton, multiple sound insulation, anti-drop and noise reduction to ensure the best sound quality performance.


Professional recording experience, excellent sound quality and easy recording

In the era of national live broadcast

Presenters want to stand out

Relying not only on appearance, but also on sound

Only choose the right live broadcast equipment

To get the most out of the live broadcast

Calais DM300 Dynamic Microphone

With strong strength and excellent performance

Let the good sound easily explode the live room 

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