What is the role of the sound card in the live broadcast?

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In real life, we can often hear microphones and headphones, but many people have never heard of sound cards. What exactly is a sound card? Why do you need a sound card for live streaming? How important it is in the live broadcast, so I will explain it to you.

What is a sound card?

Sound cards can also be called audio interfaces, and sound cards can be classified into external sound cards, built-in sound cards, and onboard sound cards. Our computer motherboard itself will be equipped with an onboard sound card, but if you want to use it for recording live broadcasts, the onboard sound card cannot meet the requirements for recording K songs, and there will be problems of delay, noise and sound distortion. The built-in sound card is used in a desktop computer and the computer motherboard has a vacant PCI slot. Both notebook and desktop computers can use an external sound card and access it through a USB interface. Therefore, most sound cards on the market are external sound cards.


The working principle of the sound card, in simple terms, is to convert the audio signal we input into the microphone into a digital signal and transmit it to the computer. Finally, the digital signal is processed and restored to an audio signal and output to headphones, speakers, etc.

Can a sound card make the sound better?

The sound card processes the input and output audio sources, which can be said to make the sound better to a certain extent, and the singing is not so dry. The sound card can be equipped with other professional host software to load the vst plug-in for post-processing of vocals and audio. With the help of software, it is also possible to change the voice during the live broadcast.

How much is the sound card?

The price of sound cards varies, and the difference between professional-grade and karaoke sound cards will be even greater, ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands, depending on your own needs and budget. Here first the external sound cards are divided into categories.

1. Mobile phone live sound card

Mobile phone live sound card, considering that it is a mobile phone live broadcast, on the premise of satisfying the sound quality, it must also meet four functions to be considered as a good sound card. Portable, rich in live broadcast functions, and without external power supply, it has strong battery life and environmental noise reduction capabilities.

2. the computer sound card

As the name suggests, it is a sound card that can only be used on a computer. Of course, if you buy a computer sound card, you only need to add a mobile phone live converter to live broadcast K songs on your mobile phone.

Built-in two high-quality mic preamps, 2i2 is a 2-in 2-out sound card. Although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs, free plug-ins, zero-latency monitoring, sturdy and beautiful shell, clip indicator, and USB2.0 interface for direct power supply.

12 in 12 out USB audio interface, this portable audio interface combines newly designed high precision analog and digital circuits into a small aluminum box. Convenient, compact and easy to operate, it can meet the needs of ordinary online K-song and professional camping.

3. Computer, mobile phone sound card

This type of sound card can be used by both computers and mobile phones, and does not require a converter, which is more convenient than a dedicated device.

Support Android/iOS mobile devices, no need for mobile live converters, with sound effects and ducking functions, recording-level sound card, suitable for vocal, musical instrument recording, popular sound cards used by popular anchors.

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