What sound card do you use for live streaming on a mobile phone?

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Live broadcast has become a popular form of online interaction, and two-way interactive live broadcast based on Lianmai technology will become a more and more popular form.


I believe that friends who have this confusion have certain requirements for the sound quality of live broadcasts, otherwise we can choose to use the built-in microphone of the mobile phone.

At present, the sound cards that can be used for live broadcast of mobile phones on the market can be roughly divided into two categories. One is the special sound card for live broadcast with various sound effects, and the other is the professional sound card used for recording. Most of the first-class sound cards are made in China, and they usually come with DSP effects, which are commonly known as racks. The advantage of this type of sound card is that it has rich sound effects, and the signal transmission with the mobile phone is mostly in the form of analog, which can be used directly by plugging into the headset interface of the mobile phone; and its shortcomings are also obvious. The most fatal flaw of the domestic live broadcast special sound card is that It cannot provide high-definition sound quality, and it is lacking in the restoration of sound details and the shielding of current noise!


And another type of professional recording sound card, in terms of sound quality, it beats almost all live sound cards. In addition to high-definition sound quality, professional recording sound cards often have independent microphone amplifiers and amps, but correspondingly, this kind of sound card is especially cost-effective. High entry-level professional recording sound cards rarely come with DSP effects. Even if there is DSP, the effects are mostly basic audio processing effects such as EQ and reverberation. The hardware itself cannot produce exaggerated sound effects like live sound cards.

Obviously, no matter what type of streamer you are, as long as you pursue sound quality, you can choose a professional recording sound card without hesitation! Because the sound effects of all live sound cards can be achieved through recording sound cards and corresponding software, but the professional sound quality of recording sound cards cannot be achieved by live sound cards anyway. In fact, the live broadcast that seems to be in full swing, whether it is the market or technology, is far less mature than we imagined! Especially when it comes to Lianmai, PK and other interactive live broadcasts, there is still a lot of room for improvement at the technical level!

In today's interactive live broadcast software development, the RTMP protocol is widely used, and most interactive live broadcast platforms are also based on the RTMP protocol and CDN technology.

When the host and the user are connected to the microphone, based on the RTMP protocol, the stream of the host and the connected user will be pushed to the CDN respectively, and the two video streams will be pushed to the audience through the CDN, and the audience will mix the two video streams. one screen to play.


This solution is very convenient and simple to implement, and the access cost is also low, so it is widely applicable, but this solution also has its disadvantages:

1. Delay: Although the RTMP protocol can control the delay of the live broadcast within 5s, the audience basically does not feel the existence of the delay problem, but for the two parties of Lianmai, they will obviously feel the delay when interacting. Poor live experience.

2. Echo: The anchor will have an echo when interacting with Lianmai, which is also a relatively common problem. At present, this problem is still difficult to solve.

3. We often hear the operators of interactive live broadcast platforms complaining that the bandwidth and traffic fees are high, and the distribution through CDN itself consumes a lot of traffic, not to mention the interactive live broadcast that occupies two video streams?



To transmit the sound of the sound card to the live mobile phone, an additional converter is generally used. For mobile phones without a 3.5mm headset interface, the converter plays a crucial role.

The converter is also divided into analog transmission and digital transmission. When the connection method of the recording sound card is connected to the converter, the digital transmission converter can ensure high-quality high-definition sound quality, so it is more favored by various anchors!

We may wonder, is it necessary to use a professional recording sound card or even a professional condenser microphone for live broadcast, and also use a converter, so 'a lot of trouble', just to obtain a high-definition sound quality?

The answer seems to be yes! The importance of high-definition, comfortable sound experience in online live broadcasts is far beyond our imagination, especially when you need to sing or share music to the live broadcast room.

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