Practical dry goods | Teach you to play live broadcast from 4 aspects and eat live broadcast bonus

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At present, the Internet celebrity anchor has become a popular emerging profession, and live streaming is also a trend. There are countless people who want to step into this industry, so how do newcomers start live broadcasts? You can do homework from the following aspects:

1. Platform selection

The reason why live broadcasts can bring high income is because there are fans who are rewarding, being the main writer with goods, and there will be commissions for bringing goods, and choosing a good platform will also bring its own traffic, and the platform will give you popularity, which will make it even better. Easy to do. If you are a professional anchor, Douyu and YY are recommended here. If you are an anchor with goods, Douyin and Kuaishou are the first ones.

Practical dry goods | Teach you to play live broadcast from 4 aspects and eat live broadcast bonus

The reason why the live broadcast has high income is because there are fans and rewards, and there are commissions for bringing goods. Good platforms bring their own traffic and support newcomers to give you popularity. Professionals like Douyu and YY, and anchors with goods are the first to recommend Douyin, quick worker.

2. Live broadcast time

If you are a newcomer, it is easier to attract fans if you choose to live broadcast during the day, because at night, as prime time, many big V anchors are grabbing traffic in the traffic pool, and you, as a newcomer, can’t grab them. So now it is broadcast during the day, and after gaining a group of loyal fans, come back to compete.

3. Learn to control your live broadcast room and guide the topic

It is normal for newcomers to live in a cold session. It is impossible to have a lot of topics to talk about as soon as they come up. It takes time to apply them. So how to solve the cold session? It is very difficult for the audience to feel that what you say in the live broadcast room has something to do with it. This requires you to spend time and effort to accumulate various knowledge points. In actual operation, the anchor can set a small theme for his live broadcast every day, try to let fans participate, and fans will not feel bored and embarrassed if they have a sense of participation.

4. Live broadcast equipment

It is better for professional anchors to have a fixed live broadcast room, and many Internet celebrity companies will build live broadcast rooms for the anchor to use.

So how to create a high-quality live broadcast room?

A: Background layout: The background area of the live broadcast should be as clean, generous and tasteful as possible. The white or light yellow color of 60% of the area can better set off the anchor's skin tone.

B: Make-up: It doesn't have to be charming, but it must be neat and generous.

C: Audio Effects: Every note is more penetrating and infectious

No matter which field you are in, you need a set of sound card & microphone with superior performance. The sound card is preferably multi-effects, multi-function, simple and easy to operate. This will prevent you from being overwhelmed during the live broadcast and chatting awkwardly in the live broadcast room... When facing these problems, we need to use the sound effects or special effects of the sound card device to activate the atmosphere with one click! !

Practical dry goods | Teach you to play live broadcast from 4 aspects and eat live broadcast bonus

In the selection of microphones, it is necessary to choose a microphone with a cardioid pointing, so that the sound in front of the microphone can be mainly received. What about other parameters? The formula for choosing a microphone is: The lower the fluctuation value, the better, the higher the signal-to-noise ratio, the better, the smaller the impedance, the better, the higher the sound pressure level, the better, and the lower the self-noise, the better.

Finally, I would like to emphasize again that when novice anchors start broadcasting, they should not reach out for gifts as soon as they come up. In the early stage of live broadcasting, they must first establish a relationship with fans and enhance the trust between them. When fans like your live broadcast, it is natural Will give you a reward.

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