A list of live broadcast equipment that novice live broadcasters must know

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At the end of 2019, a new crown pneumonia epidemic swept through, and people's lifestyles also underwent tremendous changes, gaining more time at home. The rapid development of live broadcasts, short videos, and games has gradually become an important pastime to meet people's online entertainment needs. In this article, Zhongke will introduce in detail, what equipment is used by professional anchors for live broadcast?

1. Mobile phones, iPads, computers

When you see this, you may think that this is nonsense. Live broadcast definitely requires a computer and a mobile phone, and you need to say it. In fact, don't underestimate the knowledge here. For computer live broadcast, use Windows system as much as possible. It is not recommended to use mac ios system. If the sound card you use for live broadcast needs to be equipped with a rack for tuning, then mac ios system is not suitable. , thereby affecting the effect of the live broadcast.


For mobile phones, no matter which mobile phone you use, the first choice is to have good sound quality, whether it is playing the sound or recording the sound of the microphone, here refers to the pure mobile phone live broadcast. The choice of ipad depends on individual needs. It is generally used to watch the audience's barrage. It is larger than the mobile phone screen, can see clearly, and is easy to interact with fans.

2. Microphone

When watching the live broadcast, you must have seen the kind of headphones with a microphone. Although this kind of headphones can be broadcast live, it is not recommended to use because the live broadcast effect is not good and the sound quality is average, which is more suitable for game anchors.

Microphones can be divided into two types: dynamic microphones and condenser microphones. If you live broadcast outdoors, it is better to choose a dynamic microphone with strong anti-noise capability. Indoor live broadcasts generally use condenser microphones with high sensitivity.

3. Independent sound card

The microphone mentioned above, whether you use a dynamic microphone or a condenser microphone, you need to configure an independent sound card when using it for live broadcast. , The quality is uneven, it is recommended to use Jialai Zhongke CM8, which has good sound quality and complete functions.


4. Headphones

In the live broadcast industry, earphones are a must-have accessory. Whether it is a PK opponent, singing to the accompaniment, or listening to the accompaniment during a dance talent show, you can use it to monitor your own voice. Some people may ask, just use a speaker, but in a small space, opening the speaker can easily cause the microphone to whistle. Even if there is no whistling, the echo of the microphone will affect the live broadcast effect. It is recommended to use the in-ear type (HW1/HW1Pro).


The rest are accessories, such as microphone accessories, such as brackets (desktop tripod bracket, cantilever bracket, floor bracket), blowout cover, etc., as well as fill light/micron light, high-definition camera/camera, and more Converters and conversion cables need to be selected according to personal equipment. Outdoor anchors will also use selfie sticks, anti-shake stabilizers, mobile power supplies, etc.

In short, in the current live broadcast field, there are more and more subdivisions, and live broadcasts are becoming more and more standardized and professional. The needs of each anchor are different, and the equipment required for live broadcast is also different.

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