618 is coming in 2022, are you ready for live streaming?

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There is still one month left until the 618 Mid-Year Promotion in 2022. It will be available every year in 618, but new rules change every year. If you want to say that the most popular way to sell goods now, it must be 'live broadcast with goods' Mo. genus!

Affected by the three-year epidemic, 'live broadcast with goods' has become popular all over the major live broadcast APPs and e-commerce platforms, whether it is a newly opened store or one of the best brand flagship stores in the industry, they have turned to live broadcast with goods in the form of live broadcast. to promote and sell their products.

In fact, in addition to the excellent quality of the products themselves, the live streaming of the goods by the merchants has high requirements on the live streaming equipment. A set of professional live streaming equipment can make the e-commerce even more powerful.

We all know that every line is like a mountain. Different industries have great differences in the configuration of live broadcast equipment, live broadcast environment, and live broadcast personnel. No set of live broadcast equipment can be applied to all walks of life. Therefore, for different industries, different scales, For e-commerce companies with different budgets, it is particularly important to choose a set of live broadcast equipment that suits them.

For example, the popular live streaming equipment on the short video platform now uses the CA200 of Calais Zhongke as the microphone, a handheld electromagnetic microphone with high cost performance, strong recording ability, clear voice, and clear voice; sound card used It is the very popular AK8PRO this year. The operation is very simple, and the mobile phone and computer can be connected. The built-in rich sound effects can effectively drive the atmosphere of the live broadcast room.

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