If you are an outdoor live broadcaster, what equipment is suitable? Beginner anchor quick watch

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As early as the beginning of May, the editor shared an article entitled 'A List of Live Streaming Equipment that Beginners Live Streaming Xiaobai Must Know', which was loved by the majority of novice streamers, and the amount of forwarding was amazing. Today we are talking about the outdoor, which is the opposite of indoors. What equipment configurations are available for live broadcast?

The summary is as follows: mobile phone + sound card + monitoring headphones + handheld stabilizer + traffic card + mobile power supply, the following is one by one:

1. Mobile phone/action camera

We may not know much about sports cameras, and we don’t use them much. Most of the outdoor anchors use mobile phones, which are convenient and easy to carry. As long as they are smooth to use and don’t freeze, I won’t recommend them here. But if you plan to do outdoor live broadcasts such as hiking, cycling, self-driving, mountain climbing, etc., choose a sports camera that supports the live broadcast function, which has a wider viewing angle, clearer shooting, and very flexible movement.

2. Sound Card/Monitoring Headphones

If you have a dedicated sound card for outdoor live broadcast, considering that you can carry it with you, it is exquisite and compact, then choose Jialai Zhongke CM8 touch screen digital live broadcast sound card. Although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs, and it is relatively excellent in the sound card industry. The outdoor sound is relatively noisy, and the sound quality of the monitoring headphones must be good. You can try the HW1PRO wireless monitoring headphones, which have reached high standards in all aspects and meet the needs of live monitoring.

If you are an outdoor live broadcaster, what equipment is suitable? Beginner anchor quick watch

3. Handheld stabilizer

If you need to keep walking in the outdoor live broadcast, then you also need a handheld stabilizer to avoid the camera shake when walking, which will affect the live broadcast effect. This kind of product is not recommended. You can choose according to your own needs. , no problem.

4. Portable Wifi/high-traffic mobile phone card

Outdoor live broadcasts are not like indoors. You can connect to wifi. Outdoors often encounter poor network signals. If you live broadcast, you need to ensure the smoothness of the live broadcast and not freeze, so you can use a portable wifi, or You can also open a high-traffic card for the mobile phone card, which is more convenient.

If you are an outdoor live broadcaster, what equipment is suitable? Beginner anchor quick watch

5. Power bank

Most outdoor live broadcasts need to be equipped with high-power and large-capacity mobile power supplies to ensure the power supply of live broadcast equipment. When purchasing, you can choose the battery capacity and lightness according to your live broadcast time requirements.

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