How to do short video live broadcast? 6 tips for newcomers to live broadcast without being cold

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Nowadays, although live broadcast is popular, it is not so easy to do. If you have no experience, then you have to be diligent and learn relevant knowledge. The following editor will teach you how to live broadcast from the following six aspects?

1. Position your own style

It is very important to set a good route for yourself and what style you want to follow. In this new era of rapid development, every day is a new day, and the same is true for live broadcasts. To update and iterate, you must be good at transformation and innovative ideas. Therefore, you must establish your own live broadcast style, stick to the popular route, and interact with fans more to become one.

2. Develop your own fan team

Always pay attention to the comments of fans, and don’t ignore them. If you encounter gifts, you should say thank you, and don’t care about the importance of gifts. This is a matter of courtesy. Second, keep in touch with fans and strive to become your own die-hard fans. The most important point is that you can't force fans to buy gifts. Even if you don't give gifts, you can't ask for them. Otherwise, the price will be very low, which will arouse the resentment of fans, and it is very possible to lose this fan.

3. The live broadcast time should be selected

It is said that 7:00 to 11:00 pm is the best time for live broadcast, so many anchors are rushing to live broadcast at this time, which is not true. There will indeed be more people online during the best time, but if you think about it, You, a new anchor, how can you compete with those leading anchors? Therefore, new anchors should do the opposite and stagger the peak period of live broadcasts, so as to discover more potential fans.

4. Live broadcast duration

I have already said that the live broadcast time needs to be selected, so let’s talk about the live broadcast time. Many popular anchors used to live broadcast for 8 hours a day and 4 hours per game. This is very tiring. However, the accumulation speed of fans The increase is fast, so consider this if you are just streaming.

5. After the broadcast

'Offline video recording' is what Xiaobian recommends everyone to do. Record the daily live broadcast process and play it without live broadcast. When fans are waiting for you to start the broadcast, the video they watch is also between the fans and the fans. A way to maintain interaction.

6. Small details around the live broadcast

①Poster: clear, soft, recent photo

②Room layout: The background area of the live broadcast is clean and generous, and no cluttered objects can be placed; in the background color, it is best to have 60% of the area in white or light yellow, which can set off the anchor's skin tone.

③Audio effect: clear and soft video, sweet sound is easier to get high score.

④ Dress up yourself: It doesn't have to be gorgeous, but it must be neat and decent.

The fire of Douyin live broadcast is still fermenting. At the moment when traffic is expensive, Douyin live broadcast has become a gold sink. I wish the ladies and sisters good luck.

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