What is the role of the sound card? Will it be good to sing with a sound card?

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At the beginning of this article, let's first introduce the types of sound cards, which can be roughly divided into external sound cards, onboard sound cards, and built-in sound cards. So what is the use of singing sound cards on computers that we often see? Will it be good to sing with a sound card?

As a hardware device, the sound card can be connected to the computer through different signal transmission and frequency processing, so as to process your input source vocal or musical instrument sound, in other words, it is to make your singing sound good, Because there is a decorative effect in the middle, some friends may have doubts, so every computer has a sound card, why do current network anchors need to buy an independent sound card? For this problem, I will describe it in the simplest terms, because the onboard sound card of the computer is configured by the motherboard itself, and the processing of sound cannot meet our needs, and there are problems such as delay, noise, distortion, etc. Sound card can just make up for it.

What is the role of the sound card? Will it be good to sing with a sound card?

Some sound cards can make your sound like KTV with its own reverberation effect, unlike the onboard sound card, the sound sounds dry; some sound cards can also be equipped with professional host software vst plug-in for processing. Vocal and audio post-production; with some sound cards, you can change your voice from male to female, or female to male, Lolita, etc.; with some sound cards, you can listen to high-quality music on your computer and monitor the shocking sound of games .

The independent sound card has more filter capacitors and power amplifier tubes. After several stages of signal amplification and noise reduction circuits, the accuracy of the output audio signal is improved, so the sound quality output effect is better. Integrated sound card, because of the influence of the design of the integrated circuit of the motherboard, the electronic components on the circuit board are prone to mutual interference and the increase of electrical noise when working, and it is impossible for the circuit board to integrate more multi-stage signal amplification components and Noise reduction circuit, so it will affect the output of the sound quality signal, resulting in a relatively poor sound quality of the output audio.

What is the role of the sound card? Will it be good to sing with a sound card?

 In addition, the independent sound card has a wealth of audio adjustable functions, which can be adjusted according to the different needs of users. The onboard is a default audio output parameter given by the motherboard when it leaves the factory. It cannot be adjusted at will. Some users have special requirements for audio output.

Of course, I am all of the above. Compared with professional independent sound cards, it is not applicable to integrated on-board sound cards. I believe that after reading the above, what is the use of sound cards for singing? Would it be nice to sing with a sound card? These two questions already have their own answers. In the end, with a professional sound card, you can implement any audio processing on your computer.

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