Come to a wonderful live broadcast! Look how amazing this treasure sound card is

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The key point of live broadcast now is that the host's voice should be good. If a host's voice is not good, it will not be able to retain people, and no one will watch your live broadcast. Also, the background of the live broadcast room should not be too complicated, to prevent the audience from taking over, and to ensure that the audience can hear your voice clearly. Therefore, if you want to retain fans, you must have a good voice, and a powerful live sound card is the first step to a successful anchor.



A sound card suitable for live broadcast must have the following points in order to become a live broadcast star, and the Jialai Zhongke AK8PRO digital live sound card is the best choice.

Highlight 1: Support 8 kinds of atmosphere special effects and 24 kinds of electronic tone to switch at will

In terms of live broadcast function, a variety of vocal and electronic sound switching can make your voice sound at any time. 8 kinds of anchor special effects include big/little laughter, crow sound, momo da, etc., you can complete the quick switch with one key, even in the outdoor live broadcast application, the operation is more simple and convenient, it can easily stimulate the atmosphere of the live broadcast room, and make the live broadcast more interesting. 24 kinds of electronic music keynotes, one-button easy to switch on, let you sing electronic music songs more stably and easily.


Highlight 2: 6 hours standby to easily cope with live broadcast

In terms of battery life, the AK8PRO sound card is equipped with a 3000mAh lithium battery, which can be used for 6 hours after being fully charged, suitable for long-term live broadcast. At the same time, the OTG digital transmission of the sound card supports the use while charging, which can effectively avoid the problem of sudden power failure of the sound card, and ensure the smooth and enhanced live broadcast. Interaction between fans.


Highlight 3: One-click dodge/intelligent noise reduction and other functions

When you press the dodge button on the AK8PRO sound card, when the host is speaking, the background music will be automatically lowered, and the interaction and speaking will be clearer and clearer, and if you are playing music, it will not be affected if the music is suddenly interrupted. Intelligent noise reduction, this sound card can automatically shield the microphone from picking up ambient noise, effectively dealing with the common useless noise interference problem during outdoor live broadcasts.



In addition to the three excellent functions mentioned above, the AK8PRO digital live sound card also realizes real convenience in music playback. The sound card is equipped with Bluetooth version 5.0, which does not require cumbersome wire connections when playing music, making it easier and more convenient to play wirelessly in outdoor live broadcasts.



Based on the above, Jialai Zhongke AK8PRO digital live sound card can be said to be a sound card tailored for mobile phone/computer live broadcast that meets the needs of the public. It combines simple operation, diverse functions, and exquisite appearance. The new technology equipment is the sweet pastry of the network anchors.

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