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The rapid development of self-media is obvious to all, from the original blog, Weibo, WeChat and other social software to video and live broadcast, and live broadcast can even be done as a full-time job, if you do not have a professional anchor team, then the most At least a sound card and headphones are required. This article recommends a live wireless monitoring headset: Calais Zhongke HW1PRO wireless monitoring headset.


The wireless earphones on the market today are not suitable for live broadcasts for two reasons: one is that the sound delay is too high, and the sound transmission delay reaches more than 100 seconds; The HW1PRO wireless monitoring headphones launched by C Zhongke can achieve efficient ultra-low latency in the 5.8G frequency band, allowing the anchor to synchronously monitor themselves during the live broadcast. The beautified sound in the live sound card is transmitted without a sense of delay. , to achieve the picture of phonological synchronization.


Secondly, the wireless design of HW1PRO allows the anchor to truly get rid of the shackles of the cable. While monitoring, it can accompany more physical expressions such as singing and dancing, so that the audience can have a more comprehensive understanding of the anchor, and here On the basis of improving the experience of the anchor itself, the interaction effect between the audience and the anchor will be increased.

Thirdly, the hanging neck design is very comfortable to wear and has no oppressive feeling. Compared with wired earphones, there is less interference from winding, and there is no need to spend time arranging cables, saving the time and cost of live broadcasts. The most important thing is that, as a 5.8G wireless module, there is no competitor in its current field, and its technological leadership brings consumers the ultimate product experience.


There is no doubt that the emergence of HW1PRO wireless monitoring headphones has brought a new trend to the live broadcast of Internet celebrities who are at the bottleneck of development. No longer a distant dream.

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