Live K song Internet celebrity hot style Calais Zhongke JA160 outdoor live broadcast speaker

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In recent years, the live broadcast equipment industry has continued to rise under the background of the epidemic. In addition to live sound cards, microphones, and monitoring headphones, live speakers have gradually become the new darling of the digital market. If it can integrate outdoor live broadcast, talent show, speech amplification and other functions into a live broadcast speaker, it will definitely attract the attention of many consumers and become the bag of major Internet celebrities. Today, let's take a look at the current market. Mainstream live speakers - Calais Zhongke JA160 outdoor live speakers.

直播K歌 网红爆款 加来众科JA160户外直播音箱

Sufficient volume and fuller sound quality

JA160 can output 120W high-power volume, adopts electronic frequency division technology and double bass + double tweeter unit, the sound is clear and powerful, the penetrating power is strong, and the sound quality is wonderful. The sound is rich and infectious.

直播K歌 网红爆款 加来众科JA160户外直播音箱

Bluetooth playback music is more capricious

The built-in version 5.0 Bluetooth module provides better playback sound quality and transmission distance. It can easily connect to mobile phone Bluetooth to play high-fidelity music, and provides stable wireless transmission, making music playback more free.

直播K歌 网红爆款 加来众科JA160户外直播音箱

Multi-scene use is better for outdoor use

JA160 has a multi-device input interface, which can be used in multiple scenarios. It also supports microphone + dual-instrument input, which is convenient for singers to sing while playing. Realize the lossless sound quality stereo live broadcast of the mobile phone while charging, and connect to the 3.5mm audio interface, which can realize the live broadcast of two mobile phones at the same time, and is compatible with major mainstream APPs.

直播K歌 网红爆款 加来众科JA160户外直播音箱

Easy to carry, simple and beautiful

The JA160 outdoor live broadcast speaker is designed with an inclined cabinet, which is compact, lightweight and small in size. The main unit weighs only about 8kg, which is convenient to carry.

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