The sound is not "line", and you can sing happily! Calais Zhongke KM10 Wireless Microphone Preamp

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Wired microphone is noisy? Poor sound quality? How messy is the line? Not only is it inconvenient to use, and the movement is limited, it will also lead to problems such as unstable signal due to entanglement of the wire, and it is easy to freeze and stutter. Recently, Calais Zhongke has concentrated on research and launched the UHF frequency band, digital wireless transmission - KM10 wireless microphone preamp.

This wireless microphone preamp not only has a novel design, a compact body, saves space, and is easy to carry and store, but also solves the problem that wired microphones are bound by wires when in use. Excellent performance in all respects.

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UHF band digital wireless transmission

KM10 adopts UHF high-performance amplifying circuit design, passively amplifies the input signal, which can ensure that the low noise floor and low power consumption will do more sound coloring to the original signal, thereby outputting high-fidelity, clear and natural human voice. The audio sampling rate is 48KHz/24bit, the delay is less than 5mS, the transmission speed is fast, and the performance is stable and not offline.

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Color dual display, clear and intuitive

KM10 has a visual color dual display screen, which displays working information such as audio gain, signal strength, sound, power, frequency, pairing, 48V power display, etc., which is convenient for users to understand the working status and set the device in real time. The data is displayed on the same screen, and the status operation is clear at a glance .

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6H long-lasting battery life, enjoy singing

Built-in 1000mA lithium battery, when fully charged, the use time can be up to 6 hours.

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The wireless distance is 30 meters, the signal is stable

Using active noise reduction chip, various current sounds are filtered during the pronunciation process, providing frequency stability and restoring the real sound.

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Adapt to diverse scenarios, flexible application

It supports 48V power supply microphone, which is easy to connect to various types of post-stage equipment, various wireless audio requirements, and can also be used for wireless audio signal transmission, whether it is stage performance, outdoor singing, recording studio, audio transmission or personal home entertainment, KTV singing and other scenarios, In the face of various wireless audio needs, the KM10 can easily handle it.

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