Net red must-have radio equipment: WM24 wireless lavalier microphone

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With the rise and development of the self-media era, people’s normal life has also changed. Recording and sharing have become part of people’s lives. Sharing one’s life with online media can not only let more people know about oneself, but also give oneself bring certain economic benefits. In the past few years when short videos have developed so rapidly, many new industries have appeared in the market, and new products, such as wireless lavalier microphones, have been deeply loved by the majority of self-media people once they are born.

Net red must-have radio equipment: WM24 wireless lavalier microphone

Calais also conforms to the development of the times and has launched several high-quality microphones such as CM200 large-diaphragm microphone, CA200 handheld electromagnetic microphone, and VTM12 vacuum tube microphone. Whether it is sound reception, noise reduction, or receiving distance, they are all excellent, suitable for all kinds of microphones. In various recording occasions, many short video bloggers and live broadcasters are using it.

The ancients said: 'If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools.' In order to thank the media people for their recognition of our products, we specially developed a new product, which is suitable for people who have just entered the industry. The price is friendly and the functions are complete. WM24 wireless lavalier microphone more suitable for mobile phones.

Functional advantages:

We should have none of us.

Intelligent noise reduction function (what we media people are most concerned about)

Double radio (one for two, convenient for two people to record)

30 meters long-distance transmission (face-to-face open environment)

5 hours of battery life (can also work while charging)

Small and lightweight, easy to carry (don't be afraid of the device being too big)

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