Live broadcast "0" delay, Internet celebrity big V dedicated HW1PRO wireless monitoring headphones

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feature of product:

1. Large dynamic coil, surging sound quality

Imported high dynamic large moving coil unit, with infrared frequency pairing solution, brings heart-pounding sound quality, captures every sound, every second.

2. Short-term charging, long battery life

Built-in high-capacity battery, combined with low-power micro-power technology; one battery life can last a wonderful day, and good music can be continuously enjoyed for a long time.

3. 5.8G low latency, wonderful and not stuck

The game audio and video are at the same frequency, the outdoor monitoring feedback is not delayed, and the 5.8G wireless technology is blessed to control the live broadcast and not fall behind.

Live broadcast

4. Simple hanging neck, auricle-shaped semi-in-ear design

The hanging neck design avoids entanglement, making live broadcast more worry-free; the semi-in-ear type that conforms to the human hearing design can not only hear clearly but also protects hearing. .

5. Wide range of compatibility, wonderful and uninterrupted

Compatible with common brand sound cards, and also supports outdoor audio, plug and play, no fear of transitions and replacement of equipment, continuous wonderful and uninterrupted.

6. HiFi sound quality, excellent experience

Thorough analysis of high frequency, balanced and stable three-frequency, presenting delicate high-definition sound quality.

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