It's 2022. Is it necessary to buy a sound card for novice live broadcast?

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Do beginners need to use a sound card for live broadcast? Many novice anchors have such doubts when they first step into this industry. In fact, novice live broadcasts need to use sound cards, because sound cards improve the sound quality obviously. When we watch live broadcasts, the difference between live broadcasts with sound cards and live broadcasts without sound cards is still large.

During live broadcast, the equipment to be prepared includes: computer/mobile phone, live broadcast sound card, microphone, monitor headset, fill light. If it is live broadcast by mobile phone, mobile phone bracket is also required. In addition, mobile phones must have better performance. Large memory and no jamming are the most important.

There are many kinds of sound cards. You can choose simple and basic ones or ones that support tuning. You can buy them according to your own needs. Novice Xiaobai can start using the most basic and entry-level products. Professional players can choose high-end and full-featured products to tune, so that you can maximize the product functions. This plus PC22 professional live sound card is recommended.

It's 2022. Is it necessary to buy a sound card for novice live broadcast?

Microphones can be divided into condenser microphone and dynamic microphone. Generally, we choose condenser microphone for live broadcast. Unless your live broadcast is conducted in a very noisy environment, dynamic microphone is required.

Monitoring earphones are not so selective. It's OK to not delay. Now, hundreds of people can buy them in the market. You can try adding Zhongke HW1PRO live monitoring earphones. It is recommended that the mobile phone bracket be made of metal, which is not easy to shake, and can ensure the live broadcast effect. The fill light is mainly required by the presenter. It is better to bring some beauty features to make the live broadcast better.

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