When little knowledge | sing, how to correctly use the microphone?

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In order to make the singing sound, in addition to the natural good voice, it is also necessary to make good use of the microphone on the hand to show the wonderful singing. How to use the microphone flexibly and correctly is very necessary. Any professional stage singer will master certain basic knowledge of using the microphone.

When little knowledge | sing, how to correctly use the microphone?

Use the microphone correctly when singing

1. The best distance between microphone and mouth is 10-15 cm, a fist distance: not too far away, not too close. Too far away the pick up sound is not clear, too close will pick up some unnecessary airflow noise. At the same time, the change in the distance between the mouth and the microphone is the change in the volume, and the distance can also be moved according to the demand, for example, singers usually pull away a little when singing high notes. Therefore, the elbow can be used to flexibly control the distance of the microphone, to achieve the best pickup effect.

2. Hold the upper or middle of the microphone: Generally, wireless microphone signals are sent and received at the lower end. Therefore, hold the upper or middle of the microphone to ensure more stable signals. Do not hold too tight, too tight easy to shake, can hold.

3. Try to keep it directly in your mouth: Pick up the sound directly in front of the microphone, and the sound will be fuller and rounder.

When little knowledge | sing, how to correctly use the microphone?

Some points to note when using a microphone:

1. Do not feel cool, mouth close to the microphone, there are bacteria, also easy to destroy the normal frequency response of the microphone.

2. Check whether the microphone is picking up the sound properly. Do not flap or blow, say a few words, such as,1 2 3,1 2 3...... .

3. Turn your face away from the mouthpiece when sneezing or coughing is inconvenient.

4. The microphone on the stage should avoid turning on or off randomly, because it is easy to 'snap' sound, which will harm the sound system and PA system. After use, pay attention to turn off the wheat, can avoid other noise also picked up, on the other hand to avoid the end of the microphone is not turned off, the voice you do not need to amplification out.

The above is the knowledge of microphone use, and the related matters needing attention. I hope it will help you.

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