It's official! Calais Zhongke became the designated partner of Jiangsu Satellite TV's "Sunshine Sist


The most ideal life is probably: the best friend is by your side, and the person you love the most is opposite. The second season of the much-watched 24-hour reality show 'Sunshine Sisters Amoy' premiered on Jiangsu Satellite TV on June 3rd. -8 mobile desktop professional sound card + CM200 large-diaphragm microphone appeared on the scene of 'Sunshine Sisters Amoy 2' to find the happy and sweet time of star girlfriends at zero distance with you.


As a reality show focusing on friendship between celebrity girlfriends, the second season of 'Sunshine Sisters Amoy' ushered in a major upgrade. Cecilia Cheung, Angela Chang, Madina and other celebrity girlfriends gathered in 'Sunshine Cabin' to share their treasures, which is very exciting people look forward to.


So, how did Calais Zhongke become the 'guest' of this popular variety show?

Jialai Zhongke brand live broadcast equipment leader

The reason why Jialai Zhongke can become the choice of the star girlfriend group is because Jialai Zhongke has the strength that most people can't resist. In recent years, Jialai Zhongke has been committed to the research and development and innovation of products in the field of live broadcast equipment, constantly breaking through itself and innovating to make products more excellent in quality, and gradually become a leader in the field of live broadcast equipment.


Leading audio technology and innovative scientific and technological concepts have built the strong market competitiveness of Jialai Zhongke, which has made the company's sales in domestic and foreign markets far ahead for many years, and has a high reputation and good reputation in the industry. Recognized by the market and consumers.

Products are loved and trusted by the public

This time, Calais Zhongke brought the VD-8+CM200 live sound card set to the variety show scene. The combination of these two products has become a 'sweet pastry' in the live broadcast industry. What we are most afraid of when we sing live is the noise, and the VD-8 mobile desktop sound card has a built-in active noise reduction chip, which makes the sound clearer.


Version 5.0 Bluetooth connection design, no need to worry about the accompaniment problem, sing whenever and wherever you want. K song, live broadcast, and recording are also excellent. It is compatible with mainstream mobile phones, tablets, and computers on the market. It is suitable for national K song, Douyin, Kuaishou, Singba, Yingke, etc., so that you can shine instantly during the live broadcast!


The combination of variety shows and brands

Jialai Zhongke has been recognized by the program team and the 'sisters'. If we can witness the good times between girlfriends together, and become a good thing to share 'not hidden' between good girlfriends, what will happen at the scene? For the spark, let's lock in Jiangsu Satellite TV's 'Sunshine Sisters Amoy 2' every Thursday at 17:20 from June 3, we will see you soon!


In 2021, Jialai Zhongke is also building its own brand to provide more users with live broadcast equipment products. We also expect the VD-8+CM200 live broadcast sound card set to become a 'net celebrity' in the live broadcast equipment industry in the future!

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