Kuaishou anchor Xiaojiujiu Nanfang girl recommended this live speaker, attracting countless fans


The live broadcast economy continues to heat up, releasing huge appeal. The types of anchors are also very rich. The more common ones are delivery anchors and entertainment anchors. They are also completely different. Entertainment anchors will interact more with fans, and the atmosphere in the live broadcast room is very good. Active; and the anchors with goods generally introduce products, which are not only boring, but also fast-paced.

We also often encounter some live broadcast anchors on the street. Unlike many live broadcast anchors sitting in front of the computer, these entertainment anchors who need outdoor live broadcasts have a large range of activities and need a flexible operation, complete functions, and battery life. Long live speakers.

The short music video anchor Xiao Jiujiu Nanfang girl is a music blogger with 2.44 million fans on the Kuaishou platform. Most of her short music videos are recorded outdoors, and every song she sings can bring emotions into it . One of her classic old songs 'I want to find you' has more than 210,000 playbacks on the short video platform, with tens of thousands of comments, and many people have left a message in the comment area to ask the anchor and the speaker used when recording the video. microphone.


And what she uses outdoors is the Calais JA160 portable playing and singing live broadcast speaker, which can just meet the needs of this type of anchor. Calais  JA160 live broadcast speaker is a portable playing and singing live broadcast speaker, it is a portable speaker specially designed for outdoor live broadcast, suitable for a variety of performance combinations; vocals and instruments have independent EQ; independent reverberation, chorus effect; wireless Bluetooth music playback, AUX line input, support for a variety of musical instruments.

It is especially suitable for outdoor live broadcast recording, wireless Bluetooth connection, you can enjoy massive resources; live broadcast operation is flexible; the standby time is up to 6 hours, and you don't have to worry about power outages in the middle of the live broadcast.


From the above, it can be seen that this JA160 integrates multiple functions such as listening to songs, karaoke and live broadcasting, and these functions are not added to look rich, but each of them has achieved a professional level to meet the needs of different users. singing needs. And in addition to the live broadcast of K-songs for young people, it can also be used to play music when middle-aged and elderly people are dancing square dance. If you are about to buy a speaker, then the Calais JA160 is a good choice.

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